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Our mission is to inspire, get involved in, and organize unique events that respect nature, sustain the environment, and support the community in which we operate. We firmly believe that the outcome of a successful event is tied to the quality of the environment in which it is carried out.

Green-Think is a new philosophy, an alternative for those who want to organize memorable events. From the ideation, to the planning, up until the day of the event, we are constantly committed in considering the impact any of our ideas can have in the environment.
From the choice of location, to the food; from the decor to the guest's menu; every particular detail is planned to achieve the correct harmony between elegance, style, quality, and environmental sustainability. The attention that we continually give to every detail is proof of the high standards we set to our work.

Green-Think events leave its mark because they involve the public by transmitting and teaching a lifestyle that respects the environment and the territory.

The choice of the lotus flower as the Green-Think logo is not coincidental, it encompasses our philosophy. In fact, other than being a 100% recyclable plant (in Asia its leaves and its rhizomes are part of the cuisine, while its petals are used as plates), it is also the symbol of rebirth, elegance and beauty.